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The foundation head of Indian philosophy - The Srimad Bhagvat Gita approaches the ultimate truth in the above message "Nothing so immaculate as knowledge exists in this world." Here Lord Krishna - the greatest educator of all times-ardently professes that amongst all penances and austerities, there is indeed nothing so purifying as "Gyanam" or profound knowledge. Civilization is the product of knowledge and education lead into attainment of that knowledge.

Inspired by these novel words "DURGAPUR LOKNATH FOUNDATION" a society, was formed on 23rd September, 2009. The society is registered with the Registrar of Firm; Societies & Non-Trading Corporations vide Registration No. S/l/L-63854 of 2009-10. One of the principal objectives of the society is to open institutions which will be the center of excellence in the field of social, economic education to produce quality human resources to the best interest of the nations without any motive of making profit.

Keeping in view of the aforesaid objectives an institute in the name of "J.C. BOSE INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH" has been formed. Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Sikdar, an eminent educationist along with a few philanthropic Engineers, Academicians, Corporate Executives and Medical Practitioner has promoted this institute impart quality education to our young people.

NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education)