J. C. Bose Institute of Education and Research, Approved by N.C.T.E, New Delhi, India and Affiliated to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Education University (Erstwhile The West Bengal University of Teachers' Training,Education Planning and Administration) West Bengal, India, [ https://www.wbuttepa.ac.in ] Established in the year of 2013 as one of the important wings of Durgapur Loknath Foundation.

OUR VISION: 1.To create an Educational infrastructure and programs to empower the teaching community to discover the talent and the genius in every child. 2.Encourage global vision and integration within the nationality best practices for Local, Regional and National development.

OUR MISSION: 1. Create a world class Institute for innovative Education & Research. 2. Develop excellent teaching talent. 3. Establish discipline, value added education & training as three core values. 4. Develop a symbiotic Relationship between the Institution, society and the community, for mutual betterment. 5. Expand the vistas of higher learning in Education, including post graduate studies and Research.

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